ProSelect unveils first-of-its-kind carbon capture technology

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ProSelect unveils first-of-its-kind carbon capture technology

Source: HAZMAT Magazine

April 25, 2012

ProSelect Gas Treating Inc. recently unveiled the world’s first carbon capture system for the greenhouse industry — the GC6 Carbon Capture System.

The GC6 Carbon Capture System is a revolutionary new technology that is transforming the future of carbon capture with its ability to harness carbon dioxide (CO2) from biomass combustion emissions and convert it into fertilizer to grow climate friendly greenhouse crops.

With the launch of this $5-million Canadian-made innovation, greenhouse growers now have access to the cleanest, most sustainable and cost-effective solution for greenhouse operations on the planet.

The state-of-the-art clean energy system allows growers to take advantage of vast resources of renewable and inexpensive biomass sources like wood waste to not only heat their greenhouses, but also deliver essential CO2 fertilizer to their crops.

The unique technology is a highly sustainable, all-in-one solution that can greatly reduce fuel and energy costs.

“Never before has there been a technology that can benefit the environment and the bottom line for greenhouse operators like the GC6 Carbon Capture System can,” says Victor Krahn, CEO and co-founder of ProSelect Gas Treating Inc. “Our goal is to help reduce our industry’s dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels while creating a sustainable legacy that supports locally grown food.”

The GC6 intercepts CO2 contained in biomass from entering the atmosphere and contributing to global warming.

The innovative technology combusts biomass and captures CO2 at a rate of five tonnes per hour. Then, as an alternative to typical sequestration methods such as burying CO2 beneath the earth’s crust, the GC6 system strips pure carbon dioxide and delivers it directly to growing greenhouse fruits and vegetables as a natural fertilizer.

The carbon cycle is then completed as we eat our way to a carbon negative future, having transformed the renewable, regenerative, naturally occurring carbon from wood waste into food.

Using biomass to heat greenhouses has become increasingly popular due to its sustainable and economical nature. Costs for biomass are minimal and often only involve local delivery fees.

Until now though, operators had to rely on non-renewable sources like natural gas and liquid CO2 for fertilizing their crops.

The GC6 is the only system that can convert captured CO2 into pure, food grade CO2 fertilizer using a unique patented organic solvent.

A key advantage for growers who make the switch to the GC6 or retrofit their systems with it is the significant reduction in fuel and energy costs, which can add up to as much as 50 per cent.

In B.C., growers have the additional benefit of being exempt from the B.C. carbon tax, which applies exclusively to the purchase of fossil fuels and not biomass.

Further financial benefits include savings on chemicals and disposal fees; access to green government grants to help compensate for purchase costs; and revenue created from developing, trading and selling carbon credits through programs like Offsetters, a leading Canadian provider of carbon management solutions.

“ProSelect has taken a very strong leadership position by developing the GC6 which has the potential to significantly reduce the industry’s dependence on fossil fuels and the resulting impacts on climate change,” says Dr. James Tansey, CEO of Offsetters. “We hope that local governments will provide incentives for growers to make the switch to the GC6 to achieve a negative carbon footprint, one greenhouse at a time.”